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“Each Product is Unique because we want you to feel Unique”

Frederic Morlaix


The CUATROCollection designed by french Pro coach Frederic Morlaix, are products created with expertise and methodology in health and fitness that can be adapted to all types of personal training. 


The CUATROCollection is the ultimate home and travel, luxury fitness kit, created with care that will become your best fitness ally through life.


The french "luxe" together with the experience of one of the most charismatic sports Professionals in the world, and the beautiful legendary handmade leather from the artisans of Ubrique, Spain, make the success story of this luxury, elegant yet practical collection.


CUATRO Products are designed to enhance your exercise program and support your body through a safe and effective workout whether it is PILATES, YOGA or FITNESS, wherever you are.


You will maximize the use of your abdominals and buttocks and optimize your stretching exercises using the flexibility of the leather to achieve the flexibility of the body.


Physical training with CUATRO products will prepare you for all your sporting activities including Golf, Soccer, Tennis and more.


You will receive safe CUATROFITNESS™ programs during rehabilitation after injury, operations and receive gentle pregnancy and after pregnancy workouts, personalized to suit your needs. 


Concentrate on core exercises and achieve a perfect balance and posture.

CUATROcore values

At CUATROFITNESS™ we demonstrate integrity and honesty, we respect others and operate ethically.

 CUATROFITNESS™ helps you to set and achieve new goals, challenges "good enough" and constantly improves you, using your transformed space with CUATRO Products to feel good at home and or abroad.

At CUATROFITNESS™ we listen to you, understand and solve specific situations, deliver directly to you to enable you to achieve and obtain astonishing results. 

We help you to take ownership of your own health and fitness.  is there for you CUATROFITNESS™ at all times through CUATROApps and our CUATRO Online consultancy. We want you to be proud of your progress and speak up.

At CUATROFITNESS™ we contribute, empower, mentor, share and celebrate together.


  • To deliver premium CUATRO Products, leading wellness solutions to use at home or when traveling. CUATRO, the number that stands for fitness, balance and wellness, a new fitness philosophy for active men and woman who want to stand out.


  • To live up to our commitment for constant improvement of our CUATRO Products name with the best methodology, the best professional expertise and exceptional raw materials assembled together for YOU. 


  • To foster a fulfilling, inspiring portable fitness workplace handmade for CUATRO Clients, sustainable in our environment, our company, and our planet.

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