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cork-fitness- mat-cuatro-by-fred
cork pilates mat, cuatro by fred
cork yoga mat, cuatro by fred
Fitness, Pilates, Yoga Cork mats & accessories
Handmade by expert craft men & inspired by beautiful Andalusian nature.

The Ergonomic Cork CUATRO mat handmade by artisans in natural cork from the forets of Algodonales, southern Spain. The cork CUATRO MAT incorporates the unique system of integrated handles & Pad to protect your neck and back whilst performing sit-up exercise routine, Stretching, Yoga or Pilates.



Cork has a magic chemical in its cell membrane that makes it completely impermeable to liquids and gases. This chemical is a mixture of fatty acids and heavy organic alcohol called suberin, which as well as rendering cork impermeable also stops it from rotting or degrading over time.



CUATRO by Fred has chosen cork for its extraordinary properties, elastic, resilient, flexible, light, impermeable, durable.

Slightly longer and roll-in itself, easy carry system, including its light bag or Arné. The leather used in this mat and bag is treated and doesn t stain.

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