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CUATROMat shines like a star!

CUATROMat, Fitness Mat

You know just how uncomfortable it can be when sitting, kneeling or trying stretching or Pilates exercises on a hardwood floor!

Furthermore, depending on your activity, the mat you are using could either be helping or hurting your workout, and your body! While many gyms offer a variety of mats, some people prefer to use their own mat at home, in the gym classes or trendily at the office.

This is where CUATROMat shines like a star:

Not only does it offer extra cushioning when sitting, lying, and support your body on hands, knees, or elbows, whether you' re stretching or exercising, but it offers an unique ergonomic system, with its special handles, to protect your neck and your back while performing crunches as well as controls and isolates individual movements perfectly in order to promote posture control.

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